Guess these words @ Drifter


Another English Coffee, another Drifter (I must specify this place is our permanent place!). This day, Tyson and I have imagined a little game to make people participate: Guess these words. Inspired by french TV show Pyramide, where people tries to make guess words to others in a 1-by-1 exchange.

So I developped a local website, and took words from this website to generate random lists. Rendering on the TV screen was awesome! With my remote keyboard, I could manipulate interface according to answers (wrong, right, pass…) without being physically on my computer. If you wanna try, commands are: S for start, N for no, Y for yes, P for pass, I for ignore (assure you focus the frame above). You have 5 minutes per list of 10 words.

The event was a success, with 6 teams of 2 people, 12 rounds plus 2 to split ex-aequo winners.