L’English Baby fait des petits !

Rencontres Sorties

Indeed, the mom at whom I speak english with her kids have planned to meet with other mums and kids, every Tuesday (except during holidays) at 5:30pm, at Le Puzzle in Equeurdreville. Of course, I’ll help her for chatting and playing with kids.

Here’s the main organizer’s word:

Learn English in Family !
Nowadays, learning several languages is important, as for travels, studies or work. English is a most common language.
I confess I have a lack in English practice. I convince myself I need to improve my skill but my children too. The best way is to practice regularly. Le Puzzle offers a time to exclusively exchange and play in English, charged by a member of « Cherbourg’s English Coffee ».
It’s a time opened to everyone, whatever your level or age. A very young kid learns by playing and imitating. He can get benefits of such a moment to start learning. A pupil can become familiar. And parents can also learn, review or help !