One Night Werewolf @ English Coffee

Rencontres Sorties

As Halloween is coming, English Coffee organizes decided to share a game, One Night Wereworf, inspired from the famous Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow (in french, Les Loups-garous de Tiercelieu). The purpose is quite simple: during one night, some inhabitants in a village make actions to find werewolves. At the sunrise, every inhabitant meet and decide who is/are the werewolf/ves.

We welcomed 2 teams of 7 players. We used a mobile app to generate game master’s speech (in french, to begin), and tell villagers what action they have to do during the night, according to their role (werewolf, robber, troublemaker, etc.). I used the page I did for Blind test to make a score panel, and translate roles. That was a nice moment, even though some people had difficulties to retain rules and roles…